Effective Workplace Investigations - Bangkok,Thailand, 08-10 April 2020

When you work in the humanitarian sector under extremely difficult circumstances you have to accept that there will be misconduct. We may not like this but there’s no way around it, so we have to increase the quality of how we deal with it. This is a well structured and very relevant training course that does just that—enabling people to conduct fair and effective investigations into allegations of misconduct.” 


This highly practical 3-day course is specifically designed for staff in humanitarian organisations who are tasked with conducting investigations into staff misconduct of all kinds:

  • Theft & Fraud
  • Mismanagement & Abuse of Resources
  • Harassment - Sexual Harassment
  • Bribery & Corruption
  • Sexual Exploitation & Abuse Safeguarding


Are you a humanitarian & development sector worker who’s duties involve investigating staff misconduct occasionally or regularly?

Investigations may be something you have little or no experience of, or you may be experienced but want to do it more effectively.

You’re a humanitarian & development sector director, manager or HR department, looking to boost your organisation’s ability to tackle and discourage staff misconduct n you’re a humanitarian sector professional looking for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training in workplace investigations to enhance your CV and career opportunities. 


By the end of the course, you’ll know how to:

  • Assess complaints
  • Plan and manage investigations
  • Gather, preserve and analyse evidence
  • Conduct effective interviews
  • Work sensitively and successfully with vulnerable witnesses and victims
  • Write clear and concise reports
  • Advice on gaining organisational support


As an investigator, or someone accountable for organisational human risk factor investigations, this course will give you:

The core skills and confidence to carry out, or oversee, objective and professional investigations into staff and organisational misconduct.

The ability to know when an investigation should be escalated because you don’t have the right skills or experience.

The EFFECTIVE WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS PROGRAM is developed and delivered by experienced and respected investigators from UN, INGO and policing backgrounds.

This is a highly practical course that uses a realistic case scenario throughout the program to illustrate and reinforce the theory. It also includes extensive study and practice of interviewing techniques, with numerous practical exercises.

“While every case is obviously different, essentially the methods that any professional investigator will use are pretty much the same regardless of what they’re dealing with and in our experience, these can be taught very effectively. This course is designed for people who don’t come from a professional investigative background. Our aim is to give you a solid grounding in the basic methods and skills you need to conduct sound workplace investigations.” 

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Event Date 04-08-2020 [08-00am]
Registration Start Date 02-10-2020 [08-00am]
Capacity 25
Event Price $1150.00
Location Bangkok

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